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Demo Scenes

This section shows some screenshots of what should look like the scenes in the folder Scene/Demo.


Demo of SOFA Beam Model implementation in SofaUnity allowing to simulate beams and change its resolution and diameter.


Caduceus opening scene from SOFA inside Unity using relfexion probes. Right image shows the visual models wheareas left shows collision models.


Multiple collision of 3 deformable objects inside a wooden bowl.


Simple collision of a deformable cylinder falling on a rigid cube.


Classic simulation of SOFA famous Liver model using tetrahedron finite elements.


Scene using a more complexe tetrahedron version of the Liver and tools using triangleDetection to allow picking and resection on the 3D liver model.


Basic example of two deformable bodies falling one upon the other and then on the floor.


Same scene as Primitives_Fall_01 but with an inclined plane before the floor.


Simulation of soft tissue using triangular finite elements. Left image shows the triangle finite elements.


Demo of the SOFA SPHFluid plugin simulating a set of particles falling on a hanging tissue.


Demo of the SOFA SPHFluid plugin simulating the creation of particles falling on the floor and disapearing after a given duration.


Combination of the SoftTissue scene and the SphereCollisionModel component applied on a Unity Cube 3DObject. Collision spheres are mapped onto the cube in order to collide with the tissue.


Images coming soon

Ray casting demo scene showing several interactions possible between tools and a volumic model.