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Mixing several methods

Combination of both methods

Finally, it is also possible to combine both approach. That is to say load a *scn simulation scene and then add some Geometric objects from Unity menu.
But the scene should have the default collision pipeline form SOFA, otherwise the collision won't be possible with basic objects created. This is work in progress.

Interaction of a SRigidSphere GameObject with soft tissue simulated in Sofa
Youtube demo movie: Sofa in Unity - 3D Cloth Simulation

Adding collision sphere to Unity Objects

This is the last feature integrated in the V03 version. It is now possible to add the SSphereCollisionModel script to a unity GameObject. This will create spheres that can be seen as gizmos on the Unity side which are mapped to collision sphere inside the Sofa simulation scene.

The demo scene Tissue_fall is an example of that feature.

Several parameters can be set: