SofaUE5 - Renderer

The SOFA Unreal Engine 5 rendering integration aims to bring the robust physical simulation capabilities of SOFA (Simulation Open Framework Architecture) into the visually stunning environments of Unreal Engine 5. Currently, this integration only allows rendering of SOFA simulation scenes within Unreal Engine 5, with limited interaction capabilities. Users can change the gravity and the time step of the SOFA simulation, but no interaction from Unreal Engine 5 to SOFA is supported at this stage.

As development progresses, our focus is on achieving an open-source full integration of SOFA components with two-way communication between SOFA and Unreal Engine 5. This upcoming feature will enable seamless interaction between the physics simulations and the graphical interface, allowing for real-time manipulation and interaction with simulated objects. We aim to include this integration in our 2025 roadmap. If you would like to speed up development, please consider sponsoring us.

Project available on GitHub

This repository is available on GitHub, it allows to render a SOFA simulation scene inside UE5. All SOFA VisualModel components present in the loaded simulation will be rendered inside UE5 engine as Actor with a GeneratedMesh instance. Thus, it is possible to apply Unreal Engine Materials to each visual model and also to combine UE5 rendering pipeline with the SOFA simulation.


  • Unreal Engine version 5.0.3
  • SOFA version >= 22.12 with SofaPhysicsAPI
  • Only tested on Windows