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Our Solutions

SofaAPAPI-Unity3D is a professional physics engine for scientific applications combining the performance and accuracy of multi-physics simulation with real-time haptic interactions in virtual reality.

liver VR Integration

Multi Physics Engine​

Professional multi-physics engine for  various interactive simulation purposes.

Numerical methods using FEM, continuous collision and constraint resolutions.
CPU and GPU (CUDA) support.

VR Intergration

Physics simulation compatible with virtual reality environment.

Support Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.
Management of interactions between the VR controller and 3D physical models.

Haptics Support

Haptic devices support through high-frequency C/C++ API.

Devices supported:
Geomagic Touch/Touch X, Entact, Follou AB, Haply Robotics.

Our Mission

SofaAPAPI-Unity is a physics engine for scientific applications in virtual reality

Our mission is to create hyper-realistic tailor-made simulation solutions adapted to your needs: 100% real-time – 100% interactive and 100% immersive.      

InfinyTech3D offers a new generation of simulators aimed at facilitating and improving surgical learning, this solution called SofaAPAPI-Unity is based on the SOFA advanced simulation technology from the research world.

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