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The physics engine for scientific and critical business applications
100% real time – 100% interactive – 100% immersive

Our Solutions

At InfinyTech3D, we drive advancements in hyper-realistic simulation by contributing to the SOFA framework, developing new features, providing consulting and support for building simulations. Our expertise extends to complex physics simulation creation with haptic devices and XR integration, as well as seamless integration of SOFA with Unity3D and Unreal Engine. We empower developers and researchers to create detailed, interactive simulations across various industries.

Multi Physics Engine​​

Innovation through SOFA

We offer consulting for designing and implementing complex simulations with high accuracy and performance using the SOFA framework:

  • Professional multi-physics engine for  various interactive simulation purposes.
  • Numerical methods using FEM, continuous collision and constraint resolutions.
  • GPU support.
  • Haptic devices support through high-frequency C++ API.

SOFA-Unity integration

We provide an integration of SOFA into Unity3D, enabling both way communication:

  • Real-time simulation and rendering of SOFA deformable objects.
  • Compatible with main Unity rendering pipeline and Materials.
  • Full interaction from Unity to SOFA world.
  • Compatible for immersive VR applications and detailed simulation environments.

SOFA-UE5 Integration

Our integrating of SOFA simulations with Unreal Engine are still a work in progress and less advanced. This ongoing development aims to combine SOFA’s simulation accuracy with Unreal’s advanced rendering for high-quality visualizations and interactions in virtual environments.

For the moment only a basic integration is available and allow rendering of SOFA simulation into Unreal Engine 5 without interaction.

Our Mission

SofaAPAPI-Unity is a physics engine for scientific applications in virtual reality

Our mission is to create hyper-realistic tailor-made simulation solutions adapted to your needs: 100% real-time – 100% interactive and 100% immersive.      

InfinyTech3D offers a new generation of simulators aimed at facilitating and improving surgical learning, this solution called SofaAPAPI-Unity is based on the SOFA advanced simulation technology from the research world.

Our Achievements