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Workflow licensing

SOFA-Unity asset is available under different licensing terms depending on your use. Either under developpement license for commercial or academic application and as commercial product license for your end product.


Developpement license is limited in time and per site. On the other side, product license is unlimited in time but with royalties fees on your product sales. Additionnal assets described in the section Assets Available are not included and are subject to other license agreements.


A free trial of one month (SOFA-Unity asset only) can be requested. Then, note that a cost of 500€ is requested the first time to register new licensee due to administrative costs.

Asset Name

License type



SOFA-Unity V1.0 Academic SDK Unity asset & SOFA dlls 500€/year
Commercial SDK 2000€/year Or 200€/month
Commercial product 4000€/product
3D Organs Any type Scripts & models 1000€
VR Surgical Room Any type Scripts & models 1500€
Geomagic Asset Any type Scripts & dlls Quote on demand
X-Ray Rendering Any type Scripts & dlls Quote on demand

To request a licence or for more information, please contact:

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