Haply Robotics Inverse3 Haptic Tool Controller

This section illustrate the scenes located in SofaUnity/Scenes/Demos/Haptic/HaplyRobotics/ . Those scenes integrate the SOFA Haply Robotics plugin allowing to interface 3 dofs device from the company Haply Robotics with SOFA simulation.

Plugin has not yet been publicly released. More documentation on the integration will come at that moment.

This feature is available in the trial version but for extended academic or commercial use, this feature is subject to an additional license. See the licenses page for more details.



Inverse3 DEVICE Controller

In this asset, contrary to the Geomagic Touch integration, no
additional controller is needed in the Unity scene. All the
configuration need to be done directly in the SOFA scene before parsing.

There is a set of demo scene available directly for one device. They start from simple motion demo to interaction with rigid and deformable bodies.

Here is the full list with explicit names:

  • Inverse3-01-RigidSphere
  • Inverse3-02-DeformableSphere
  • Inverse3-03-RigidCube
  • Inverse3-04-DeformableCubes
  • Inverse3-05-DeformableLiver

INVERSE3 Demo Scenes

Haply Inverse3 against rigid sphere
Haply Inverse3 against rigid cube

On the left, demo scene to test Inverse3 haptic device contact force feedback against a rigid sphere (Inverse3-01-RigidSphere) and on the right against a rigid cube  (Inverse3-03-RigidCube).


Haply Inverse3 against deformable sphere
Haply Inverse3 against deformables cubes
Haply Inverse3 against deformable liver demo

Similarly, on the left, demo scene to test Inverse3 haptic device contact force feedback against a deformable sphere (Inverse3-02-DeformableSphere), in the middle, against two deformables cubes (Inverse3-04-DeformableCubes) and finally with a liver organ (Inverse3-05-DeformableLiver)