Examples SCENES

This section describes the scenes located in SofaUnity/Scenes/Examples/. These scenes illustrate basic physics that can be simulated using the SOFA framework in Unity. Most of them are examples present as is in the SOFA repository.

01. Demo_01_LiverInteraction

Simple Liver surface deformation
Simple Liver collision spheres
Simple Liver tetrahedral FEM

Classic simulation of SOFA famous Liver.scn scene using tetrahedron finite elements (on the right) and sphere collision elements (middle).

02. Demo_02_LiverInteraction-HD

Caduceus snake simulation
Caduceus snake simulation in wireframe
Caduceus snake grid FEM simulation
Caduceus opening scene from SOFA inside Unity using reflection probes. Visual models on the left with textures, in wireframe in the middle and the deformable FEM grid on the right.

03. Demo_03_CubeCarving

04. Demo_04_CubeAdvancedCarving

05. Demo_05_LiverCut

06. Demo_06_LiverCut-CUDA