X-Ray rendering

This asset allows to compute the X-Ray image of 3D models inside SOFA in real time while the simulation is running.
It is also possible to define specific opacity per 3D model and change the X-Ray source position and direction.
It can be display inside Unity (in OpenGL mode only) as a texture and controlled from unity script. For example, it can be mapped with the motion of a virtual C-Arm in VR.

This asset is using a specific SOFA plugin under propriatary license. See this page for more information.

Some images of the rendering:

XRay asset default demo scenes

XRay_Caduceus: Classic SOFA scene of the snake falling around the caduceus but with an XRay projection. Last image show change of beam power.

XRay_CollisionMultiple: Classic SOFA scene of multiple collision of deformable bodies.

XRay_SPHFluid: SPH fluid scene falling inside a bowl with its XRay projection.

XRay Integration in Unity VR scene

Full demo movie of X-Ray rendering.